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Group Training & Workshop facilitation

ISC have extensive experience in facilitation and training delivery spanning over 30 years delivering training programs locally to SME’s and to multi-national organisations across the globe.
We have successfully designed, planned and delivered major training and consulting projects conducted over a 12month period as well as half-day and full-day seminars and conference events as a one-off activity.

As learning and development specialists, we are able to design and deliver:

  • Training needs and gap analysis.
  • Specific training for a wide range of topics.
  • Case studies and experiential activities.
  • Individual Action Plans and Development Plans.

Leadership Development

The greatest investment that can be made for the future success of a business is to develop the effectiveness of your leaders. Organisations must embrace an ever-changing global marketplace, with rapid and often disruptive technological change and we can help you to:
  • Build strong adaptive leaders
  • Foster alignment with cultures and values
  • Create agile, innovative businesses
  • Develop an organisation and leadership team that will thrive in a volatile environment.

Team Building

Frontline people and teams are at the heart of every organisation from professional service firms to retail companies.
We design and facilitate short or long term programs that result in quantifiable improvements in team outcomes such as:

  • Communication, trust and cohesion.
  • Production, profitability, safety, waste and manual handling errors.
  • Capacity to have robust conversations and preserve
    their relationships.

Emotional Intelligence

ln the last 20 years, one of the most effective strategies for enhancing leadership and personal capability has been to focus on building emotional capital through the development of emotional intelligence competencies.

Emotional intelligence is an indispensable set of social and emotional competencies for leveraging:

  • knowledge and emotions to drive positive change.
  • Enhancing relationships and leadership capability.
  • Personal growth and effectiveness at home and at work.
  • Building long term business success.

Emotional intelligence is a skill you can learn individually or as part of a longer-term development program with your leadership team.

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