Resilience for Individuals, Leaders, Teams & the Organisation

Everyone can develop resilience through changing thoughts and behaviours. Resilience at work involves managing the everyday stress of work while staying healthy, rebounding and learning from setbacks and preparing for future challenges in a proactive way.

To sustainably build resilience, an investment is required in the development of your people, the teams they work within, the leaders that support and influence them and the organisational structures that foster or inhibit the desired behaviours. We use the Resilience at Work (R@W) toolkit which measures and identifies what we can do at each of these levels to build the resilience of your workforce.

Human Resource Management & Recruitment

Not all organisations have the size and scope to include a formal HR function. ISC are able to assist with a bureau service that can provide the following HR / OD services:

  • writing job descriptions, strategy or policies,
  • performance management processes, systems and effective feedback.
  • recruitment and selection,
  • succession planning,
  • mediation and counselling services,
  • temporary assignment of HR personnel for specific projects.

Organisational, Board, CEO & Governance Review

Regulatory requirements have brought organisational and board performance under greater scrutiny, and, increasingly, stakeholders expect that management and boards will conduct regular evaluations and be transparent about their processes.

We have extensive Board and executive management experience in the implementation of a range of business improvement projects, the provision of sound governance advice, and expertise in facilitating successful engagement activities with key stakeholders and members. We regularly conduct Board audits and CEO performance reviews and provide practical recommendations on enhancements to meet best practice governance standards and protocols.

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