Coaching & Mentoring

Individual Coaching or Mentoring is one of the best means by which to achieve sustained behavious change and improved performance.

Our approach to Professional Coaching and Mentoring involves:

  • Working alongside the person in a two-way collaborative approach.
  • Each program will be customised to meet the individual needs and timings of the participant.
  • The emphasis is on a solution-focussed process with the aim of harnessing participants’ knowledge and understanding into positive action.
  • Incorporating evidence-based coaching methodologies and assessments into our programs.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment is an invaluable tool for gaining insight and understanding of the relative strengths and development needs of you or your people.

A comprehensive assessment of abilities, personality and values can be conducted within approximately one hour and is performed using highly reliable and well validated psychometric questionnaires and systems. The assessment can be done either on-line in your offices or at home by the candidate/participant. Psychometric assessment can be used in the context of Selection, Coaching, Screening, Leadership Development or Vocational Guidance, and or roles from base-level to the most senior executive level.

Emotional Intelligence

In the last ten years, one of the most effective strategies for enhancing leadership and personal capability has been to focus on building emotional capital through the development of emotional intelligence competencies.

Emotional intelligence is an indispensable set of social and emotional competencies for leveraging:

  • knowledge and emotions to drive positive change,
  • enhancing relationships and leadership capability.
  • personal growth and effectiveness at home and at work.
  • building long term business success.

Emotional intelligence is a skill you can learn individually or as part of a longer-term development program with your leadership team.

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