Gemma Cunningham


Gemma has over 15 years of experience in facilitation, public speaking, coaching and stakeholder engagement roles both in the public and private sectors. An accredited Executive Coach and accredited Roche Martin practitioner in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Gemma is an expert in building relationships based on trust, mutual respect and warmth. Gemma thrives on assisting people to push through the barriers which are holding them back to achieve their vision and be the best versions of themselves. She holds a Bachelor of Science and enjoys delving into the latest evidence-based scientific research to support individuals and organisations to achieve outstanding outcomes and create positive change for themselves, their teams and organisations.

Gemma is a passionate and inspiring facilitator and coach who has designed and delivered large-scale leadership programs across in both public and private sectors in many diverse industries across Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia and the UK. Gemma’s empathetic and nurturing facilitating and coaching style creates an environment that is safe and free of judgement. She actively encourages a growth mindset and challenges the people she works with to step out of their comfort zones. This, combined with her infectious bubbly and energetic nature, makes her sessions highly engaging and importantly, transformational.
+61 422 644 860